Worry Eaters

Worry Eaters


The Haywire Group is a really great game company that makes games which exercise your brain and your body.  Haywire Group games will have you throwing rubber chickens, stuffing tacos or yelling SHABOOM! while rubbing your belly and stacking dice.  

While The Haywire Group loves to get everyone in the family to “Get Up and Game”, they know sometimes life can throw you curve balls.   Breast cancer affects so many families and it can be very scary for the children involved.   In an effort to make life’s speedbumps a bit more manageable for children, The Haywire Group has partnered with United in Pink to provide a coping tool for children and families suffering with breast cancer.    By purchasing a Worry Eater directly from the United in Pink website, you can provide your child with a tool to cope with the stresses of today’s world and be proud to know the proceeds of your purchase are going to benefit the families involved with United In Pink. 

The Haywire Group would like to thank United in Pink for all their efforts in providing assistance to those families suffering from breast cancer.   The Haywire Group is happy to assist in any way they can and hope to bring smiles and joy to all families faces. 

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